Requested was established in 2018 after several hiatus' from the petz community. It's previous iteration was Petz Crib and existed from 2014-2017 however it was rather useless and ugly, thus, abandoned. Requested was originally intended to be a lazy crew site but Admin eventually caved and made it a full petz site. Requested is run by an AI of the same name created by user 'Admin' in early 2017, it mostly plays poker in it's spare time.


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Admin was born on 22.06.2001 in the English countryside however currently resides within the suburbs of the same country. He owns 2 cats and a crested gecko both of whom he will talk about for hours on end if asked. His interests include: Genetics, Horse riding, Animals, Art, & Gore. Links to Admin's social media can be found on the page 'Get Out.', these are useful if you're interested in his art or stalking him.

Admin found Petz when he inherited a copy of Catz 4 from his mother, combing through sites for downloads and hacks until finally joining a forum a few years later. He's known for starting fights, swearing like a sailor, and having no verbal filter yet somehow he still manages to make friends. Admin, in the petz community, is usually referred to as 'Prince', the reason for this is unknown but suspected to be in reference to a character from a popular webcomic back in 2007.